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 Are you interested in pursuing an exciting career in the energy industry? At this time, applications are being accepted for a number of positions by the Ministry of Energy within the government of Pakistan. Check out our website for additional information if you are interested in working in an environment that is both exciting and demanding, and be sure to do so right away. The Ministry of Energy and Water Resources is searching for talented and driven people who are interested in contributing to the development of the energy sector. Don't pass up the opportunity to be here with us! The Energy Ministry of the Pakistani government is looking for persons who are driven and competent to join their teams. This is the opportunity for you, if you are interested in making a difference in the lives of people living in Pakistan, that you have been looking for. Send in your application right away to be a part of the government's endeavour to deliver clean energy that is also affordable to everyone. The ministry provides a generous benefits package for its employees, which includes housing options, medical insurance, and financial assistance for their children's education.

Specifics on the Open Positions


Steno Typist

DEO stands for Data Entry Operator.

The Lower Division Clerk, or LDC.

Clerk Incharge


Lab Attendant


Naib Qasid

The Daily Jang is the source.

Instructions for the Careers Section of the Ministry of Energy

The Pakistani government has delegated the responsibility of overseeing the extraction of natural resources, agricultural crops and forestry, energy, mineral resources, oil and gas, and water resources to the Ministry of Energy within the Ministry of Pakistan. They are accountable for the upkeep of domestic energy production, the enhancement of energy efficiency, the management of the import and export of oil, gas, and electricity, and the supervision of production for strategic, military, and commercial purposes. It is also the responsibility of the Ministry of Energy to bring the legislation that is currently in place up to date with the new issues of today.

It has been recognised that exporting oil and natural gas has been a significant factor in the economic growth and development of a number of different countries, which is one of the primary motivations that led to the establishment of the Ministry of Energy. The Energy Ministry has been hard at work formulating new energy policies. In 2012, they implemented a new policy on renewable energy as well as a new strategy for hydropower as a more effective means to diversify away from gas. Both of these initiatives were aimed at increasing their energy options. The government has been making efforts to increase the amount of power that is accessible to individuals who require it. Those in need of electricity have been the focus of the ministry's efforts to expand access to power at prices that are more affordable.

The administration of the nation's energy policy falls under the purview of the Ministry of Energy. It does all of these things twenty-four hours a day: produces, transmits, distributes, and purchases electric power. They are in charge of the construction of the country's electrical infrastructure and are also responsible for the research that is done to find ways to make energy use more efficient. As a result, the Ministry of Energy is in the process of carrying out research on how to make more effective use of solar energy. They have set a goal to boost the amount of electricity that is generated from solar sources to two per cent across the country within the next year. In order to accomplish this, they intend to set up solar panel installations along the country's key thoroughfares. It is anticipated that more than five million individuals will have access to clean energy as a result of this strategy. It is carrying out research on various forms of renewable energy.

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